Design Your Waterplace Your Way

The beauty of a NetZero Fire is in the details. The safe, cold vapor flames allow you to change out design accessories easily and without worry. Choose from a variety of beautifully crafted log sets, media and liners, then select the burner and housing to complete your NetZero Fire experience. 

  • Birch HD

  • Driftwood HD

  • White Oak HD

  • Norway Spruce HD

Select a Burner

• Three sizes to choose from • Easy, vent-free installation • Adjust flame size, speed and intensity • Connect multiple units to create up to 20 feet of continuous flame • Fuel the Waterplace by adding water to the internal storage tank • Built-in UV-C sanitizing lights disinfect all air, water and vapor flowing through The Waterplace

The Waterplace Platinum Burners

• 30+ adjustable flame colors • Automatic fueling with direct plumb components (included) • Automatic draining via integrated pump (with no water supply line) • Control your Waterplace via integrated buttons, remote control and smartphone app • Two rows of LED lighting with controllable effects

The Waterplace Burners

• Beautiful, natural orange flames • Manual water refueling • Direct plumb option (must be purchased separately) • Manual water draining • Control via integrated buttons or remote control

Pricing does not include optional accessories, delivery & installation, and taxes, if applicable. Other charges may apply. Pricing subject to change.

  • Water Guidelines

    Water Guidelines

    Water hardness will affect performance and flame height.

  • Installation


    Avoid drafty areas for optimal flame performance.

  • Maintenance


    Minimal maintenance is required to retain the beauty of your fire feature.

Surrounded by Beauty

Easy, zero-clearance installations and multiple viewing configurations make our fireboxes a convenient and flexible way to maximize the aesthetic impact of your feature. Or drop the burner into a completely custom site-built enclosure. NetZero Waterplace is the simple solution for your design project.

  • Single-Sided


    With your burner perfectly framed inside your firebox, a single-sided fire feature is perfect for in-wall installations where head-on viewing or space saving is a priority.

    Available on: NZWA20, NZWP20, NZWA40, NZWP40, NZWA60, NZWP60

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  • Left-Corner/Right-Corner


    A corner-view firebox provides a beautiful transition from one space to the next and can be the perfect way to enliven an otherwise inconspicuous edge or nook in your room.

    Available on: NZWA20, NZWP20, NZWA40, NZWP40, NZWA60, NZWP60

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  • Three-Sided


    Complement an open seating area or add a warm focal point to a great room with a three-sided firebox. This configuration is ideal for pairing with an overhead mantel, television or work of art.

    Available on: NZWA20, NZWP20, NZWA40, NZWP40, NZWA60, NZWP60

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  • See-Through


    A see-through firebox is useful for dividing a large room while maintaining an open, unobstructed feel. Framing your flames on four sides, this configuration can reach to the ceiling or stand at a height of your choosing.

    Available on: NZWA40, NZWP40, NZWA60, NZWP60

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  • Peninsula


    Peninsula fireboxes are viewable from three sides and provide a higher degree of privacy between spaces, making them a common choice for creating individual seating areas or capping a long dividing wall.

    Available on: NZWA40, NZWP40, NZWA60, NZWP60

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  • Custom Site-Built

    Custom Site-Built

    Drop a Waterplace burner or connect multiple burners into any housing. There are no combustible clearance considerations for virtually limitless installation options.

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