With The Waterplace there are no limits to the way you can transform your room. The look is pure art, borne of pure, simple water – with dancing, rolling, adjustable flames that have all the allure of a conventional fire. Set against a backdrop of a full spectrum of color-changing LED lights, you can select logs, media or liners to truly make it your own.

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  • Birch HD

  • White Oak HD


Using only water vapor, your Waterplace lights up your space with “flames” so natural that it would take a trained eye to spot the difference. With a constant fuel supply provided by a water line, Waterplaces provide always-on ambiance that can be installed virtually anywhere.

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Discover Brilliant Upgrades

Create a feature that’s uniquely yours with a choice of NetZero Waterplace configurations, glass media and integrated, color-changing LED lights that you control.

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Up to 20 Feet of Continuous Flame

The only limit is your imagination. NetZero Waterplace burners can be connected to create up to 20 feet of continuous ribbons of flame. Use any combination of NZW20, NZW40 and NZW60 burners to design the perfect line of realistic flame for your space.

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less impact. zero compromise.

NetZero Fire’s mission is to create high-quality, carbon-neutral fireplaces and fire features that produce little or no impact on the environment. By leading our market with exceptional designs and forward-thinking energy-neutral technologies, we allow our customers to better manage their energy footprints while creating beautiful, atmospheric spaces.