NetZero Fuel

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Stock up on the fuel you need for your NetZero Renew bioethanol fireplace. Our fuel is formulated from agricultural byproducts to provide bright, natural flames without smoke or mess. NetZero Fuel in your bioethanol fireplace is recommended for optimal performance of your NetZero Renew fireplace.

NetZero Fuel is a green product made from renewable resources and is pure alcohol (a blend of ethanol and isopropyl). It is certified by government agencies for indoor use and is approved for ventless fireplaces. NetZero Fuel burns clean with no odor, soot or smoke. 

Use & Care
  • Store with cap tightly closed. Reseal containers after opening.
  • Keep in its original container.
  • Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat, sparks, and open flames. Keep at temperatures not exceeding 104º F
  • Immediately remove all ignition sources if spilled; clean thoroughly.
  • Keep away from children and animals.
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  • Safer Burning

    Our fuel is made from natural plant byproducts of regular agricultural activity. Burning Ethanol Vapor (BEV) replaces traditional fueling methods by adjusting the consistency of the fuel to ensure easier refueling and less chance for dangerous splashback.

  • Cleaner Air

    By burning only fuel vapor instead of the fuel itself, BEV Technology® allows for cleaner, longer burning with virtually zero residues, odors or carbon monoxide.

  • Higher Efficiency

    Specially formulated NetZero Fuels burn longer than typical bioethanol fuels. Combined with the proportionally larger fuel reservoirs on NetZero Renew burners, that means significantly more hours, days or weeks of clean, safe burn time.