Enjoy the stunning beauty of fire with the sustainable benefits of zero emissions, zero fossil fuels and low energy consumption. The go-anywhere design of the NetZero E-one simplifies installation, without the need for venting or gas lines, so you can bring the wonder of fire to almost any space, whether you live in a country farmhouse, a cozy craftsman or a condo on the 15th floor.

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Make the mood by customizing the flame height and tone, the intensity of the glowing embers, interior lighting and the realistic crackling sounds of burning wood. All with the intuitive remote that makes the NetZero E-one “on-off” easy. You can even add a little warmth on a chilly evening with the heating system or just enjoy watching the dancing flames in warmer months.


The NetZero E-one is so low maintenance it’s practically no maintenance. There’s nothing to refill and nothing to upkeep, besides the occasional dusting and glass cleaning. Just sit back and watch the E-one entice friends and family to gather and turn moments into memories.