NetZero Biofuel Burners

The NetZero burner is the heart of your fire feature. NetZero Fire burners come in multiple sizes and offer superior flexibility thanks to easy installation in almost any space. Install the burner in a NetZero firebox or drop into a completely custom site-built location. You can also connect burners for flames that seamlessly span an entire room or request a specific size unique to your needs. Ready to start your project? Submit a product inquiry and a NetZero Fire representative will be in touch to work with you.

Available Options

Choose one of these packages to add design features that enhance and customize the NetZero Fire experience.

  • Ultimate LED

    Go for maximum visual impact by adding both an LED-lit glass barrier and LED media floor plate to your fire feature.

  • Premium LED Floor

    Upgrade your fire feature with an array of beautiful LED lights that illuminate the media and complement your flames.

  • Premium LED Glass Barrier

    Surround your burner with a transparent glass shield enhanced with full-spectrum LED lighting. Create a sophisticated and dynamic look.

  • Classic Floor

    Create a look that’s truly yours by adding decorative media such as glass, rocks and marbles.

Optional Firebox

Any space, any size, any look — our timeless fireboxes are ready to install to provide housing for the burner.

  • Island

    Like a standalone work of art, an island configuration positions your burner away from the wall for viewing from all angles. All your NetZero fire feature requires is an electrical connection.

  • Against-Wall

    An against-wall fire feature extends from your finished surface for viewing on three sides — a classic configuration that draws attention without the appearance of a built-in chimney or bulkhead.

  • Single-Sided

    With your burner perfectly framed inside your firebox, a single-sided fire feature is perfect for in-wall installations where head-on viewing or space saving is a priority.

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  • Left-Corner/Right-Corner

    A corner-view firebox provides a beautiful transition from one space to the next and can be the perfect way to enliven an otherwise inconspicuous edge or nook in your room.

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  • Three-Sided

    Complement an open seating area or add a warm focal point to a great room with a three-sided fire box. This configuration is ideal for pairing with an overhead mantel, television or work of art.

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  • See-Through

    A see-through firebox is useful for dividing a large room while maintaining an open, unobstructed feel. Framing your flames on four sides, this configuration can reach to the ceiling or stand at a height of your choosing.

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  • Peninsula

    Peninsula fireboxes are viewable from three sides and provide a higher degree of privacy between spaces, making them a common choice for creating individual seating areas or capping a long dividing wall.

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We Make Fireplaces Designed to Improve Your Atmosphere

NetZero Fire’s mission is to create high-quality, carbon-neutral fireplaces and fire features that produce little or no impact on the environment. By leading our market with exceptional designs and forward-thinking energy-neutral technologies, we allow our customers to better manage their energy footprints while creating beautiful, atmospheric spaces.