Introducing NetZero Fire

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NetZero biofuel fire features are among the most versatile clean-burning fire features in existence.

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Beautiful fire Fueled by water

Tap into the beauty of realistic flames in a totally unique fire with a NetZero Waterplace.

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  • NetZero Biofuel Fire Features

    See how NetZero biofuel-powered fire features are the ultimate expression of flexible, beautiful and sustainable fire.

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  • NetZero Is The Future of Fire

    As global standards and mindsets shift toward sustainability, NetZero Fire offers fire features that combine style with an environmental conscious.

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  • NetZero Waterplace

    Explore how NetZero Fire creates beautiful, natural-looking flame from water vapor.

    The Power of Water

Innovation In Flame

At NetZero Fire, our mission is to create beautiful, high-quality fire features that produce little or no impact on the environment. Discover the innovative technologies and safe, clean-burning fuels that make our products supremely thoughtful alternatives to traditional fireplaces.

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