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NetZero Renew™ bioethanol fireplaces are among the most versatile clean-burning fireplaces in existence.

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Beautiful fire Fueled by water

Tap into the beauty of realistic flames in a totally unique fire with a NetZero Waterplace™.

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The NetZero E-one gives you a unique sensory experience,unlike any electric fireplace you've seen before.




As soon as you look at the E-one, you’ll be drawn in by the oh-so-real holographic flames that dance on the sculpted logs. It captures the appearance and mood of real wood fire behind a large glass front that makes it feel like a true hearth.

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less impact. zero compromise.

Fire is primal. It's draw, timeless. It's appeal, endless. Yet the classic sources of fire—wood, gas—are not. NetZero Fire™ is reimagining the future of fire, with room-defining fireplace aesthetics, fueled by resources that are plentiful, safe and renewable. And while that means little to no impact on the environment—the visual impact in every space where a NetZero Fire burns is immeasurable.

Can stunning be sustainable? With NetZero Fire, the answer is an uncompromising yes.

netzero Waterplace

Beautiful Flames Fueled By Water

No heat. No fuels. No limit to the ways you can transform your room. It's more than a fireplace—it's the NetZero Waterplace. The look is pure art, borne of pure, simple water. With dancing, rolling, adjustable flames that have all the allure of a conventional fire. Set against a backdrop of a full spectrum of color-changing LED lights, you can select logs, media or liners to truly make it your own. With smart, wi-fi enabled options you can control through your phone.

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netzero renew™

Safe and Automatic BEV Technology

Brilliant. Mesmerizing. Modern. And one of the most clean-burning fireplaces in existence. Powered by renewable bioethanol, the versatile NetZero Renew™ requires zero venting. Which means you can place it almost anywhere to bring your unique design vision to light. Speaking of light, only NetZero Fire™ offers an array of LED lighting packages—for even more ways to customize and enhance the rich, ribbon-like flames.

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Made for Your World

With the ability to choose between numerous sizes, configurations and design options, NetZero Fire fireplaces are among the most versatile clean-burning fireplaces in existence. No external venting is needed, so your fireplace can be placed nearly anywhere in rooms of any size. Just connect your NetZero Renew or Waterplace to a power source, add fuel if necessary and enjoy stunning flames.

Innovation In Flame

NetZero Fire’s many innovations make us the ultimate expression of fireplace luxury, sustainability and control. From our fully automatic fueling and precise flame modulation of the bioethanol-fueled NetZero Renew to the exquisite simplicity of NetZero Waterplaces, our proprietary technologies and industry-first advancements make us a smarter, safer and cleaner option for your building project.


NetZero Fire is a division of Johnson Gas, a 120-year-old, family-owned company based in the United States. Combining proven leadership and expertise in hearth innovation with a focus on sustainability, NetZero Fire has a depth of experience unmatched by any other manufacturer. Just as our heritage of quality and craftsmanship inspires our future, you can be confident that our products – and the dedication we've put behind them – will continue to serve you for decades to come. 

Our Mission

less impact. zero compromise.

NetZero Fire’s mission is to create high-quality, carbon-neutral fireplaces and fire features that produce little or no impact on the environment. By leading our market with exceptional designs and forward-thinking energy-neutral technologies, we allow our customers to better manage their energy footprints while creating beautiful, atmospheric spaces.

Our approach combines the style and features our customers demand of luxury interiors with the sustainability our world needs. Here’s how we’re fast-forwarding to the future of fire.